The Widow

This is the original soundtrack for Amazon/ITV’s 8-part hit series starring Kate Beckinsale.

As the majority of the show is set in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Dominik was keen for the music to reflect the series’ Central African setting and draw from the continent’s amazing musical heritage, whilst fulfilling its duty as a tense and emotional thriller score. See the behind-the-scenes video.



Monroe (Original Television Soundtrack) - Dominik Scherrer



Soundtrack to the supernatural thriller series Requiem (Netflix / BBC) by Dominik Scherrer in collaboration with Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan



Monroe (Original Television Soundtrack) - Dominik Scherrer


An Inspector Calls

Silva Screen Records presents award Winning composer Dominik Scherrer’s highly emotive score to BBC TV drama based on J.B. Priestley’s play.

Reflective and elegaic, mixing mournful piano and string motifs with atmospheric electronics, the score perfectly underpins a story that follows a mysterious inspector investigating a suicide of a young woman.



Monroe (Original Television Soundtrack) - Dominik Scherrer


Ripper Street

Dominik Scherrer's music perfectly conjures up the world of East London from over a century ago with its detailed collection of musical sounds that can range from a mandola to a Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. He received the ultimate accolade for any composer in 2014 when his score for Ripper Street won the much coveted Ivor Novello Award for Best Television Soundtrack.




The Missing

MovieScore Media presents Dominik Scherrer’s music for Golden Globen nominated The Missing. Scherrer’s suspenseful yet lyrical accompaniment covers the investigation after Oliver; the hauntingly memorable title sequence incorporates the song “Come Home” by Belgian post-rock band Amatorski – the full version of the song as well as Scherrer’s arrangement for the opening are both available on the album.


Monroe (Original Television Soundtrack) - Dominik Scherrer


PrimevalSoundtrack CD

Fans of ITV's creature show Primeval have been on the look for a soundtrack album from the series for several years and finally, MovieScore Media is able to present the stirringly dramatic, exciting and entertaining original television score album featuring over 75 minutes of music from the three first seasons.






Due to overwhelming demand, Mammoth Screen release Dominik Scherrer's score from the ITV series Monroe starring James Nesbitt. Available iTunes. A limited edition on CD is available from this site.







The Honeytrap
Hauntingly beautiful sound scapes inspired by medieval choral music and Indian Bhangra sounds. This is the epic soundtrack to the movie "The Honeytrap," starring Emily Lloyd.
CD, 47 min.













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